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Art project "Mothers' Manifest" in collaboration with CEMFOR

Art exhibition, performance piece and panel discussion at Engelska parken, 29 August

Mothers’ Manifest is an international art project by art collective Ful (Sweden), musician and artist Paulina Lasa (Mexico) and the feminist transborder band Quiquiriquí Coyotas (Mexico/USA). Opening in august 2018 – during Swedish elections – this piece will be part two of Ful's work around migration policies and borders resulting in loss of family members, human trafficking, deportations and criminalization of people searching for more dignified lives. The touring performance piece and art exhibition is a follow-up to the internationally successful performance piece Europa Europa (in collaboration with the pop duo The Knife) that premiered during last elections in Sweden 2014 and later toured Europe and Northern America (2014-16).

Mothers’ Manifest / Manifiesto de las Madres / Mödrars Manifest is a grieving ritual for 80 participants with original music by Quiquiriquí Coyotas and Paulina Lasa and script by Nasim Aghili + a touring art exhibition in the public space. 

Read more about the event and tickets on Facebook, or on our website's event page.