Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism

Research seminars spring 2017

The seminars are open to researchers and doctoral students unless stated otherwise

January 24

The last generation? Forest Sámi reindeer care challenging epistemological racism.
May-Britt Öhman (Gender Studies), Gunilla Larsson (Archeology), Ann-Sofie Lönngren (Literature Studies), Henrik Andersson (forest Sámi cultural operator), and Petri Storlöpare (documentary filmmaker).
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January 25

What is the meaning of “the Holocaust”?
Stéphane Bruchfeld (History of Science and Ideas), Uppsala University.

February 28

The challenges of conceptualization and discussions about racism within health and medical care.
Hannah Bradby (Health Studies) and Sarah Hamed (Sociology), Uppsala University.

March 9

The birth of the problematic suburb – racialization, territorial stigmatization, and media.
Irene Molina (Social and Economic Geography) and Karin Backvall (Social and Economic Geography), Uppsala University.

April 6

Anti-Romani/antiziganist hate crimes: scope, patterns, and consequences.
Simon Wallengren (Criminology), Malmö University, and Jan Selling (History), Södertörn University. (In Swedish)

April 26

Anti-Black racism: reflections on terminological development and research as a tool for mobilization.
Ylva Habel (Film and Media Studies), Södertörn University, and Lena Sawyer (Social Work), University of Gothenburg. (In Swedish)
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Articles for discussion:

May 24

Coloniality and Power. Decolonizing Academia.
Adrian Groglopo (Social Work), University of Gothenburg and Julia Suarez Krabbe (Communication Studies), Roskilde University.

All seminars are held between 15.15 and 17.00 in room Eng 4-2007 (unless listed otherwise), and are open to researchers and doctoral students unless stated otherwise.