Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism

Irene Molina

Head of research

Irene Molina is Professor of Human Geography. Her research explores the city as a site for social power relations. Her specific interests include racialization and discrimination, as well as class, gender, and intersectionality.

Project: Immigrant mothers – racialized children. Pathways, conflicts, and visions. Financed by the Swedish Research Council’s special grant for research on racism (2017-2019), together with Professor Paulina de los Reyes (project leader) from the Department of Economic History at Stockholm University, and Professor Diana Mulinari from the Department of Gender Studies, Lund University.

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Ylva Habel


Ylva Habel is an Assistant Professor in Media and Communication Studies, and Researcher in the field Anti-Black racism. Her research draws on Black studies, the African Diaspora, postcolonial, critical race and whiteness studies, and specifically revolves around the affective economy of Swedish exceptionalist, colorblind discourses. With an interdisciplinary background in cinema studies, her analytical approach entails an interest for combining these perspectives with the optics of media history, visual and material culture. In her upcoming research, she will focus upon kindred discursive logics in recent Swedish and Dutch media debates, and examine the ways in which Blackness figures in relation to perennial welfare state values.


Mattias Gardell

Head of research

Mattias Gardell holds the Nathan Söderblom Chair of Comparative Religion. His research has explored the intersections of religion, politics, and racism within a variety of empirical fields. Gardell’s research interests include anti-Muslim racism (Islamophobia), occult fascism, political religion, the history of racism, and religion/racism/violence.

Project: Angry white men? A study of violent racism, the correlation between organized and unorganized (political) violent crime and the affective dimensions of ultranationalism.

Project: Methodological laboratories – creating ethically and scientifically viable models for measuring discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, skin colour, and religion.

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Mehek Muftee


Mehek Muftee har forskat om introduktionsprogram för flyktingar som genomgår vidarebosättning till Sverige där hon bland annat tittat på hur stereotypa föreställningar om kvinnor från Afrikas horn kommer till uttryck i information och interaktionen mellan myndighetspersonal och programdeltagare. I sitt postdok projekt undersöker Muftee muslimska kvinnors erfarenheter av samt strategier för att hantera och utmana antimuslimsk rasism. Hennes intresseområden innefattar migration, transnationell migration, intersektionalitet, postkolonial feminism och antimuslimsk rasism. Mehek Muftee tillträder sin tjänst i januari 2018.

Shahram Khosravi


Shahram Khosravi is Associate Professor, Director of studies (advanced level) at Stockholms University. In 2003 he published his doctoral thesis "The Third Generation: The Islamic Order of Things and Cultural Defiance among the Young of Tehran". Shahram Khosravi's research interests include anthropology of Iran and the Middle East, migration, human rights, forced displacement.

Project: After Deportation (2017-2019)

Project: Waiting (2017-2019)

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Tomas Lundström

Doctoral student

Tomas Lundström is Doctoral student and for his Thesis project he elucidate ideological production, and meanings of religion, within the Swedish radical nationalist milieu.

Prpject: Swedish radical nationalism and religion

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